Jura Coffee Maker Maintenance – How to Clean Jura Coffee Machine

 If you have a Jura coffee machine on your counter, you most likely spent the money to get great-tasting, fresh, hot beverages.

What you didn’t want in your morning brew was the flavor of old coffee residue and coffee oils. That is why it is important to clean your Jura automatic espresso maker on a regular basis.

Regular maintenance is the key to your Jura coffee machine’s long and healthy life; if set up correctly, your Jura coffee machine should prompt you for filters or descale cycles at the appropriate intervals.

Setting the water hardness to the correct level is critical if the machine is to prompt for filters and/or descaling at the appropriate intervals because if the system does not receive adequate filtration or descaling, it will slowly strangle and restrict, become less efficient at water heating, and eventually block completely.

It would be preferable, I believe, to perform a few more descale or replace a few more filters each year rather than having the machine taken down to remove the calcium deposits or replace the blocked components.

Products Use For Cleaning 

Jura is extremely clear that only its own branded cleaning supplies be used to clean the equipment. They guarantee cleanliness and hygiene as long as you do. You will need:

When Should You Clean Jura Coffee Machine?

The coffee clean cycle is intended to remove coffee residues and deposits from the coffee system, from the brewing chamber to the coffee outlets. The system is commonly set up to request a clean cycle every 220 cups, at which point the message “clean machine” is displayed. 

However, this cleaning frequency was created from commercial systems that could produce 100 cups per day, therefore the clean cycle would occur at least once a week. When utilized in a household context where fewer than 200 cups per month (less than 6 cups per day) is typical, the clean cycle can only be requested at intervals of 2 months or more, which is far too long. 

We recommend performing a manual clean cycle using Jura 3-phase cleaning tablets at least once a month to prevent the build-up of stale residue, which not only will clog the coffee outlets but, as you can guess, can also taint the flavor of your coffee!

How To Clean Jura Coffee Machine

Cleaning instructions are provided on-screen by the Jura. Even if you haven’t had your first cup of coffee, you’ll be able to keep up.

  1. Each Jura has a unique display and menu. When prompted by a button or touchscreen, select “clean.”
  2. Remove the drip tray and empty the coffee grounds container. Your machine will urge you to do this and will not allow you to continue until it is completed.
  3. Place a container beneath the coffee spout and click “next.” The coffee spout will begin to dispense water.
  4. The cleaning will be put on hold. The cleaning pill will be prompted to be added to your Jura coffee machine. Drop the cleaning tablet into the ground coffee chute or filler funnel.
  5. Click “next.” For several minutes, water will run out of the coffee spout, stopping and starting.
  6. Empty the coffee grounds container and drip tray one more when asked.
  7. Reinstall the drip tray. The machine is now clean, and the standard start screen will appear.

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Other Cleaning Tips for Jura Coffee Machine

Aside from performing frequent cleaning cycles, there are a few other things you can and should do to maintain your Jura in tip-top shape.

Milk System Cleaning

If your Jura has a built-in milk frother, after creating a beverage with steamed and frothed milk, you’ll be instructed to run a milk cleaning cycle.

Some machines include a one-touch milk cleaning method, but others require only a few simple actions, such as cleaning the machine itself. In any case, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Leftover milk can quickly curdle and sour, blocking your machine or making it unsanitary. Spoiled milk is no one’s idea of a great beverage, so make sure to follow the milk system cleaning recommendations on your machine.

Cleaning The Drip Tray and Ground Container

Jura suggests removing the drip tray and coffee grounds container every day, emptying them, and cleaning them with warm water.

Water Tank Cleaning

To get the best-tasting coffee, you should fill your water tank with fresh water on a daily basis. As needed, use a soft brush to carefully clean the inside of the tank.

Descaling The Machine

Using a CLEARYL water filter as directed can prevent limescale buildup and eliminate the need to descale your Jura espresso machine.

If you haven’t been using a filter or have delayed too long to replace a spent filter, your machine may prompt you to descale. The descaling system, like the cleaning system, is integrated and provides step-by-step instructions.

Remove three Jura descaling pills from the water tank and dissolve them in 600 milliliters of water. Fill the water tank with this solution and execute the descaling program as directed by your machine.



After producing beverages that use your milk tube, you should run the milk system cleaning cycle. This will clean and disinfect the tube’s interior. Jura also suggests removing the tube from the machine and cleaning it with warm water on a daily basis.

Every three months, the milk tube should be replaced.


While your Jura coffee machine will remind you to clean it after 180 brew cycles, you can do it at any time.

The display and menu differ according to the machine, but generally, you may access the cleaning menu by pushing and holding the “P” button. Select “clean” and then follow the on-screen instructions.


When you switch on your Jura, it will automatically rinse itself before turning off. This, however, is not a complete cleaning cycle. When your Jura machine advises you to, perform the full cleaning cycle described above.

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After reading this post, you should have a better understanding of the main difficulties with Jura coffee machines, as well as how to clean and how frequently to clean Jura machines.

To guarantee that your machine’s parts last a long time, follow our Jura coffee machine cleaning instructions and use the Jura coffee machine cleaner.

Caring for your machine will ensure that your Jura functions properly and that you can enjoy many more cups of coffee before having to replace it.

We hope this information has helped you better understand how to maintain your Jura coffee machine.

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