Clever Coffee Dripper Instruction and Reviews – Full Guide

Clever Coffee Dripper Instruction and Reviews

f you are a coffee lover and you love to try different types of coffee and now is the time for a cleaver coffee dripper, and you want to know full instructions on how to make dripper coffee and a review of the clever coffee dripper. So you are in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss what a clever coffee dripper is and how to make coffee from this method. After reading this article you will definitely know whether you have to buy it or not.

After reading the title, you’ve definitely got a few questions:

Why would a coffee dripper be called a clever one?

Does it have artificial intelligence?

What is Clever Coffee Dripper

The Clever Coffee Dripper doesn’t look much different from any standard, plastic, Melitta filter cone dripper. The appearance is neither unique nor particularly innovative.

The cleverness is due to the addition of a unique valve at the bottom that prevents the flow of water. The valve opens and the coffee comes out when the dripper is placed over a cup to brew.

This greatly improves extraction. Another advantage of this dripper is that you can simply manage the brew time. If you want a stronger coffee, you may easily steep it for another half or a full minute. You can’t with a standard dripper without a valve.

You’d have to add additional ground coffee on top of the previously extracted coffee grounds, which would over-extract it and make your cup bitter. Alternatively, pour less water, resulting in less coffee. The Clever Coffee Dripper simply extends the extraction time without requiring any interaction.

Second, the Clever Coffee Dripper eliminates the need for a costly gooseneck kettle. Water does not have to be poured over in an accurate way, with difficult rotations and close care. You can add all of the water at once. Any kettle you have will be fine for the process.

Filters do not have to be a certain shape or consistency. Of course, various filters will make a difference, but using one over another isn’t necessary. The concentration will balance the factors out.

Paper filters from your local grocery will be sufficient in the Clever Coffee Dripper.

Clever Coffee Dripper

Clever Coffee Dripper
  • Brand: Clever
  • Capacity: 1.1 Pounds, 11 Ounces
  • Color: Cloud
  • Coffee Maker: Type French Press
  • Material: Plastic

Things to Remember Before Buying it

The only two factors to consider are the steeping time and the coffee-to-water ratio. This applies to any coffee dripper. The Clever makes no exceptions and gives you complete control over both as normal.

The Clever Coffee Dripper’s drawback is that it functions more like an immersion brewing process than a true pour-over. The time the coffee beans is in touch with the water in a proper pour-over is rather short. That is all that is required to just have hot water flow through the coffee.

The Clever dripper allows the coffee to remain in touch with the water for as little as a pour-over or for far longer. It all depends on when you open the bottom valve. As a result, the immersion can last longer, similar to a French press, which functions as a full immersion process.

This has an impact on the final product. It will prefer a full-bodied cup with a heavier taste than a traditional dripper such as the Hario V60.

coffee cup with filter

The Clever Coffee Dripper falls in a French Press, which has a considerably fuller body and is favored by those who enjoy stronger coffee. Not a huge change, but something to ponder when purchasing the Clever Coffee Dripper.

The Clever is also built entirely of plastic, which is not the most durable material. If it falls, it won’t break, but it won’t last a decade either. It stains more easily than glassware and is more difficult to clean. It has no effect on the flavor of your brew; it is only a cosmetic concern.

How to Make Coffee With a Clever Coffee Dripper

What you need to make a clever dripper coffee is a scale and a timer or both of them in one a coffee mug, a flat bottom filter, a clever dripper with a coaster and a lid, and about 26 grams of coffee.

We’re going to start out by folding our filter along the edge,s so that the seams are on the same side, and putting it inside our clever dripper at that point we want to rinse the filter so that our coffee doesn’t taste papery and we can keep the temperature kind of consistency in the brewing process. Here is going to run some water through the bottom of it.

Once you’ve run some water through your clever dripper filter you can grind your coffee and just place it right in the bottom. About 26 grams of coffee is what we’re using today to make ten ounces of coffee.

Grind it a little bit coarse today so it’s closer to like the consistency of sea salt than it is to like regular table salt. Take some coffee ground and put it in the bottom and shake it around so it will come out a flat base at this point put a clever dripper on a scale and zero the scale Now take hot water hot is just under boiling so about 200 degrees.

Now start a timer and add 340 grams of water pretty quickly at this point put the lid on the clever dripper and let it brew the shorter amount of time between grinding coffee and brewing your coffee is going to improve the taste of your coffee in your mug at the end at 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Coffee in a jar

You can actually take the lid off the clever dripper, and with a spoon, a crust will have formed on the top of your coffee. You can actually just break that crust if you want to agitate the coffee too much, and then return the lid and wait for another minute and 45 seconds. At 3 minutes, we can actually remove the lid from the clever dripper. You can stir the coffee one more time, and then remove the clever dripper from the scale.

Just set the clever dripper onto your mug this process is called the drawdown. It will take about 45 seconds. at the end of the drawdown, you’ll be left with a flat base of ground coffee at the bottom of your clever dripper. You can actually just remove it from your mug, set it on the coaster, and you’ve got a cup of coffee.

Coffee Recipes


Overall, the Clever Coffee Dripper is an exceptionally accessible, inexpensive, and dependable coffee brewer. It is an excellent choice for little amounts of coffee with a clean and medium body. A simple instrument for brewing coffee for you and your companion without the trouble and effort that other techniques require.

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