9 Best Coffee Grounds For French Press – Make an Amazing Coffee

The French press method is one of the best and simplest ways to make coffee at home. This method does not require any power or electricity to create an excellent and outstanding cup of coffee. 

The name of the French press changed depending on the geographical location. They are sometimes called cafetières, coffee presses, or coffee plungers.

We have found the nine best coffee grounds for you, regardless of where you live, to make a fantastic coffee with a French press.

9 Best Coffee Grounds For French Press

There are no precise prerequisites for the best French press coffee. All you need to do is acquire high-quality ground coffee with a unique flavour you like – and buy these as fresh as possible.

In this post, we recommend nine great coffees for brewing with your French press, featuring something for every type of coffee enthusiast. We have a selection sure to produce a fantastic French press coffee, whether you prefer light or dark roasts, blends or single origins, decaf or caffeinated.

Here are nine confident choices, ranging from light to dark roasts – and even a decaf! You can use these beans to make a great brew in your French press.

1. Lifeboost Coffee – Medium Roast

2. Peet’s Coffee Dark Roast – Major Dickason’s Blend

3. Stone Street Coffee – Colombian Supremo

4. Verena Street Water Grounds Decaf Swiss

5. Koffee Kult Dark Colombian Huila – Roast Ground Coffee

6. Caffe Vita Bistro Blend (Light – Medium)

7. Fabula French Medium Roast Coffee

8. Coffee Bean Direct – Dark Sulawesi Kalossi 

9. Coffee Bros. Costa Rica – Single Origin

1. Lifeboost Coffee – Medium Roast

Lifeboost Coffee Single Origin Coffee is sourced from an unusual, natural source deep in the Nicaraguan mountains. This region of Central America grows the most varieties of Arábica beans. In addition, the coffee is produced at a high elevation, which optimizes nutrient absorption, richness, and flavour.

Coffee is naturally acidic; the way it grows and processes coffee beans allows people to produce clean, tasty low acid coffee.

Lifeboost coffee is 3rd party tested for mycotoxins (mould), heavy metals, and 400+ other toxins to ensure the cleanest cup of coffee possible. The beans passed every test with flying colours.

.When you use these coffee beans in your French press, you will get smooth-tasting coffee with less bitterness. It also lets the fruity, chocolaty, and somewhat smoky nuances shine through.

Lifeboost Coffee - Medium Roast
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2. Peet’s Coffee Dark Roast – Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend Dark Roast Coffee is the roast that put Peet’s Coffee on the map. Contains one (1) 18 Ounce Bag of Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend Whole Bean 100% Arabica Coffee. It is Dark Roast. Flavorful, robust, full-bodied. Major Dickason’s Blend epitomizes the rich, flavorful taste of Peet’s.

Brewing Methods: Use fine ground coffee for espresso at home. Coarsely ground coffee (consistency of coarse sea salt) can be used to make a cold brew or a French press. Use a medium grind (consistency of sand) for drip or a pour-over in your Chemex.

There are so many expensive coffee beans out there but I always fall back on Peets as it never lets me down and for that wonderful price. You can try it in a french press, cold brew and just standard brewing in a coffee maker. They look, smell and taste like burnt beans. The coffee even has a burnt taste, not a dark roast taste.

Peet's Coffee Dark Roast - Major Dickason's Blend
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3. Stone Street Coffee – Colombian Supremo

Stone Street Coffee Colombian Supremo starts with gourmet arabica coffee beans from Colombia, then it grinds to the perfect coarse ground size for optimal cold brew extraction. These grounds are perfect for use in your at-home cold brew coffee maker or system, French press, pitcher, or mason jar.

These beans are classified as ‘supremo’ which are the largest and highest quality beans from Colombia. When these beans are darkly roasted, it brings out the nutty/chocolate notes and makes the most delicious tasting cold brew coffee.

This coffee is specially formulated to make a bold, balanced, low-acid, slightly sweet cold brew or iced coffee. You can easily adjust the strength to make it extra strong (more coffee or longer brewing time) or even lighter (more water).

Stone Street Coffee - Colombian Supremo
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4. Verena Street Water Grounds Decaf Swiss

Verena Street Water Grounds Decaf Swiss is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, which supports farmer well-being and sustainable agriculture. These standards conserve biodiversity and ensure that soils, waterways and wildlife habitats are protected where the coffee is grown.

This coffee is roasted in small batches. They blend beans of different origins & roast levels to create unique flavour qualities that cannot be duplicated in any one single type of bean. Whether it is classic staples or signature flavours, we have something for every coffee lover!

The Sunday Drive is very smooth though, and you don’t think “decaf” when you drink it. Great after meals, and before bed, and it fills the house with a great aroma in the mornings.

This coffee is decaffeinated using the swiss water method that uses no chemicals in the process. If you put mostly healthy things in your body, then this coffee is for you. Because this coffee allows you to do that without losing the taste!

Verena Street Water Grounds Decaf Swiss
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5. Koffee Kult Dark Colombian Huila – Roast Ground Coffee

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Ground Coffee is produced with respect for the planet and is completely free of chemical contaminants, so with every sip, you’re only getting delicious whole-bean coffee and nothing else!

This whole-bean coffee features French roast coffee beans with medium acidity and a crisp, sweet finish. The aroma is every bit as pleasing as the taste of the gourmet coffee.

 French roast is brown in colour, with no oil on the beans, a Full Body, and a long finish. Koffee Kult Thunder Bolt Coffee contains aroma and flavour notes of earthy, molasses, smoke, full body with a long finish

A unique blend of 100% Arabica coffee bean varieties from Colombia, and Brazil make up a full body, of French roasted coffee. Roasted in Hollywood, Florida

This artisanal whole-bean coffee also makes a mean espresso shot! Tip back a single shot for a powerful adrenaline boost or combine it with steamed milk to create delicious lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.

Koffee Kult Dark Colombian Huila - Roast Ground Coffee
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6. Caffe Vita Bistro Blend (Light – Medium)

Caffe Vita’s Bistro Blend pairs beautifully with a French press, as the medium to dark roasted beans produces a powerful, smokey, and full-bodied flavour that isn’t overpowering.

Apart from the smoky undertones, this Indonesian, South American, and East African coffee blend have delectable caramel, baking chocolate, and almond aromas.

These sweet undertones wonderfully complement the smokiness, making it an excellent coffee for the mornings or when you want something calming but robust.

Caffe Vita Bistro Blend (Light - Medium)
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7. Fabula French Medium Roast Coffee

This is the coffee I have found has amazing flavour and is also low in acid. It’s expensive but I can easily make this coffee using a French press. 

This medium roast coffee is easy on the stomach with its lower acid. It tastes great and complex brewed traditionally or cold-brewed and even over ice. The coffee has a good smell that’s not too strong, but the taste very much reminds me of molasses.

 This coffee is specially made for coffee lovers with sensitive systems, mould allergies, acid reflux – or just picky about their cup quality. This coffee is specially sourced and roasted to be easy on your tummy, good for your body, and still delicious.

Furthermore, the aroma of the beans is really enticing. Even after brewing a cup of coffee, the aroma lingers. You’ll notice a strong aroma of brown sugar and fruits when you sip the coffee.

And the features show that the Fabula Medium roast coffee exceeds average norms.

Fabula French Medium Roast Coffee

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8. Coffee Bean Direct – Dark Sulawesi Kalossi

Dark Sulawesi Kalossi is known for its heavy body, this bean features rich, earthy flavour notes and a heady, exotic aroma. This French Roast retains its inherent smoothness while adding substantial body and flavour. 

This coffee is sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Kenya and more to find the most flavorful beans for your next cup. Try iced, as cold brew, with a French press, AeroPress or pour over

This coffee has a rich smoky flavour with low acid, but it is a lighter roast. The CBD Dark Sulawesi Kalossi has a rich smoky flavour that the Estate Java lacks. Use a good grinder and you should be happy with the flavour. This coffee should be good for a drip machine or french press as well.

Coffee Bean Direct - Dark Sulawesi Kalossi
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9. Coffee Bros. Costa Rica – Single Origin

This coffee is truly exceptional. It’s not only the best French press coffee, but it also makes excellent espresso, drip-brewed coffee, and iced coffee. It’s simply that good.

What makes it so unique?

Coffee Bros.Costa Rica is a micro-lot coffee, the apex of a single origin. This coffee can be traced back to a single producer, ensuring that only high-quality beans are used in each bag. In this case, the producer is a father-son team who have been honing their craft for decades. Their farm is located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, which many believe produces some of the world’s best coffee.

These coffee beans are 100% arabica, which comes as no surprise given Costa Rica’s commitment to exporting only high-end coffee. For many years, the cultivation of lower-quality robusta coffee beans was prohibited (4). They’re medium-roasted to produce a full-bodied hot coffee with sweet notes of cocoa and toffee complemented by bright lemon acidity.

Coffee Bros. Costa Rica - Single Origin
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How to Make Amazing Coffee at Home with a French Press

You can make delicious coffee using the short how-to guide below, or you can read the full article on how to brew coffee with a French press here.

If you’re looking for a way to brew French press coffee without sludge on the bottom of your cup, the James Hoffmann method is worth a look.

Here’s how to make great coffee at home with a French press in 6 simple steps:

1. Spoon some coarsely-ground coffee

It is critical to use coarsely ground coffee beans with a French press because the extraction process is longer, and coarser grounds prevent over-extraction and bitterness:

Coarse grounds, unlike finely ground coffee beans, do not float back up when you depress your plunger and end up in your coffee mug.

2. Coffee to water ratio

Aim for a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:14–1:6 (or 2–2.5oz/60–70g coffee per 33oz/1 litre of water).

If you prefer weaker or stronger coffee, you can always add less or more coffee grounds, but this is a good starting point.

3. Add boiled water 

After adding freshly boiling water into your French press, wait 35 seconds and gently agitate the coffee mixture to promote coffee extraction.

The presence of coffee grinds at the bottom of the beaker indicates that the coffee is brewing.

pouring water in french press

4. Let the coffee brew

Allow your coffee to brew for about four minutes to produce ideal flavour results from a precise coffee extraction balance.

Notably, this stage may be rushed just as easily as it can be dragged out. Simply keep an eye on the clock, or better yet, set a timer.

Brewing Coffee in French Press

5. Gently push the plunger down

When you’re certain that the coffee has brewed sufficiently, carefully and slowly depress the plunger into the beaker.

Avoid being overly rough or rapid since this might hasten coffee extraction, resulting in bitter coffee. The operation is finished when the plunger hits the bottom of the beaker.

Gently push the plunger down of French Press

7. Serve the coffee

Although most of the coffee extraction has now occurred due to the separation of the coffee from the grounds, it is still a good idea to pour your coffee out as it may still extract a little and bring out more bitterness or sour flavours.

Although most of the coffee extraction has now occurred due to the separation of the coffee from the grounds, it is still a good idea to serve your coffee out as it may still separate a little and bring out more bitterness or sour flavours.

Pouring Coffee From French Press
Cup of Fresh Coffee

More Coffee Beans

Still, have reservations about brewing French Press coffee with the coffee beans discussed in this article? Or are you simply interested in which coffee beans are available?

I’ve got your back! Check out the following lists to locate amazing coffee beans for various brewing methods and recipes:


Fresh, coarsely ground beans are ideal for a French press. Coarse grounds avoid over-extraction (which can result in bitterness) and do not float back up when you push the coffee plunger.

Medium to dark roasted coffee beans is ideal because they allow the rich flavours and undertones of bitterness to shine through in your finished cup of coffee.

To make the perfect cup of coffee in a French press, depart slightly from the standard 1:14 to 1:16 coffee-to-water ratio, or use filtered or bottled water instead of tap water.

More Coffee Recipes 

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