Top 6 Dominican Republic Coffee Beans (Make Amazing Coffee)

If you’ve only recently learned about the Dominican Republic as a producer of high-quality whole-bean coffee, you’re not alone. Most people have never heard of, never alone eaten, this single origin. 

Dominican Republic Coffee

The Dominican Republic produces a wide range of Specialty Coffees. These coffees are most recognized for their substantial body, moderate to low acidity, rich scent, and earthy tones, and are frequently sold under the name Santo Domingo coffee.

From Where Does Dominican Coffee Come From?

“Dominican Republic” is not one of the most popular coffee origins. In fact, you’re more probably to have sampled Puerto Rican ground coffee. Or even Jamaican arabica beans.

To grasp what it is today, we must first go through a brief history of coffee in the Dominican Republic.

While the actual year varies between accounts, Spanish colonists brought it in the 1700s. From them, coffee turned into one of the region’s most popular crops. By the 1800s, the Dominican Republic had begun to trade and export coffee on a bigger scale.

According to some stories, Arabica was first grown in Cibao before spreading throughout the region. Barahona followed, and they are now part of the Dominican Republic’s coffee-growing zone.

You’d think that the Dominican Republic, as a high-quality producer of rich, organic arabica coffee beans, would be more well-known. It’s incredible to note that, while they have quietly great whole beans, the country as a whole prefers to consume local products rather than export them.

Map with coffee cup

I think it’s fantastic that the growers can identify the flavor of their own coffee. The Dominican Republic roasted coffee isn’t well-known for its packed beans. However, many who have experienced it regard it as some of the best coffee they’ve ever tasted.

Coffee has become so embedded in their society that they sip their own coffees year after year.

But, hey, if you seek hard enough, you can locate some for yourself as well! Below are some of our favorite Dominican Republic, organic, and direct trade beans we’ve discovered!

Top 6 Dominican Republic Coffee Beans Brands

Coffee from the Dominican Republic tends to be smooth, well-balanced, and easy to drink. You’ll find it with a variety of roast levels and flavor profiles. That’s great news because no matter your taste.

There is a list of the greatest Dominican coffee beans that will turn your ordinary morning cup of coffee into a tropical coffee-drinking fantasy.

  • Volcanica Coffee, Red Honey – Dominican Roast Coffee
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee – Organic Medium Roast Coffee
  • Santo Domingo Medium Roast Coffee
  • Cafe Kreyol Dominican Republic – Best Light Roast
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee – Unroasted Organic Dominican Green Coffee
  • Induban Gourmet Coffee – Dominican Republic Arabica Coffee

1. Volcanica Coffee, Red Honey – Dominican Roast Coffee

If you’re in a hurry, these are the best Dominican Republic coffee beans on this list, in our opinion. Volcanica Coffee is a specialty roaster of exotic coffee committed to offering only the finest quality from volcanic regions around the world that is wonderfully exotic and remarkable in taste.

This coffee is the real deal folks. This coffee, the Costa Rican Reserve Tarrazu, is worth every penny and more. It is smooth and rich in real coffee flavor, delicious to the last drop. It comes labeled properly, which includes the roast date and expiration date.

The company sources the beans from the higher, volcanic mountains in Costa Rica. ALL high-altitude mountain coffee beans are going to cost more than Folgers, they are harder to care for and harvest! The price for this brand is better than any other brand I’ve seen and I bought, for the quality.

So if you really know coffee and want a great-tasting, perfectly roasted bean and are willing to pay more than Folger’s price then this coffee is for you!

Volcanica Coffee, Red Honey – Dominican Roast Coffee
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2. Fresh Roasted Coffee – Organic Medium Roast Coffee

Fresh Roasted Coffee has a nice robust flavour, and rich colour and the deep, enticing smell of this coffee in the morning will wake you up in a great mood. Adding a healthy pour of creamer does not dilute the flavour at all, rather enhances the underlying sweet tones just right. 

It has low mycotoxin and these coffee beans are washed and processed, which gives a smooth taste to it. It contains Rich Caramel tones also which are unique in smell. They have a hint of nutty flavour. And also you can drink this straight BLACK. I love how they list the lineage or genetic background. 

This is Typica Lineage (relevant if you are looking to rotate antioxidants from different types of coffee cherries).  Ok, you will want to grind it fine and drip SLOW to get the most flavour out of this.

Fresh Roasted Coffee consistently delivers on quality and price. They always have the roast dates on the bags, and we like that a lot- coffee beans are roasted after we order. It’s so fresh. This brew is rich and full with no bitter taste. You will definitely like it a lot! 

Fresh Roasted Coffee – Organic Medium Roast Coffee
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3. Santo Domingo Medium Roast Coffee

If you want to establish a habit of good coffee beans, the Santo Domingo coffee 16 oz bag is available. This Dominican Republic medium fresh roasted coffee is well-balanced and will perform well with a variety of recipes and brewing methods.

Best coffee for espresso! Yes, even a long espresso shot can be as tasty as a cup from a french press. Some people claim the flavour is different, it’s not the coffee, it’s the water used in the Dominican Republic which is spring or well water and gives it a different taste. 

Santo Domingo coffee is very similar in taste to the blue mountain coffee which is sold for hundreds of dollars an lb. This is the same concept; the beans are grown and harvested in locations of the DR with higher altitudes, which diminishes oxidation and bitter taste. This is the most flavorful, smooth and aromatic coffee you’ll ever taste. 

Santo Domingo Medium Roast Coffee
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4. Cafe Kreyol Dominican Repulic – Best Light Roast

Café Kreyol, like a few other coffee roasters on this list, sources their premium Dominican coffee beans from the reputable Ramirez Estate. So, what distinguishes these beans? Café Kreyol’s beans are full-bodied and strong, with notes of almonds, cocoa, and vanilla soy.

Despite their diverse flavour profile, Café Kreyol’s Dominican coffee beans are well-balanced and powerful, making them popular among coffee aficionados.

Café Kreyol is also on an amazing mission: one cup of coffee at a time, to alter the hearts and circumstances of the least fortunate.

Café Kreyol’s Direct Trade System allows them to pay better payments to coffee farmers while also helping to sustain disadvantaged, rural coffee-growing regions.

It’s worth mentioning that this bag of beans is only available for a limited time. So, if you want to get your hands on a bag, you’ll need to act quickly!

Cafe Kreyol Dominican Repulic - Best Light Roast
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5. Fresh Roasted Coffee – Unroasted Organic Dominican Green Coffee

People who buy green beans do not have the same market as those who buy freshly roasted coffee beans. Nonetheless, it is expanding. And these beans are one reason why many home brewers would want to start roasting gently.

Use these beans to experiment with the low acidity inherent in Dominican Republic coffee. Even with a good body and a prolonged, forceful finish, it manages to stay consistent. As a result, it may satisfy a wide range of coffee enthusiasts.

Why should you start roasting?


Imagine enjoying the rich flavour of these beans from your own roast!

You get to make coffee and select between light and medium roasts. Consider the other side! What if there had been darkly roasted? You’d lose the vibrant flavour nuances that the beans are supposed to have!

Fresh Roasted Coffee – Unroasted Organic Dominican Green Coffee
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6. Induban Gourmet Coffee – Dominican Republic Arabica Coffee

A fine selection of the Dominican Republic‘s top-quality Arabic coffee, distinguished by size, density, and colour. A dark chocolate scent with tones of wild berries and delectable almond notes. Tones of sweet chocolate, magnificent balance with a gentle, pleasantly citrus and fruity character acidity

Some Of The Key Points for this product. 

  • Roast: Medium Roast
  • Flavour notes: Almond, Chocolate, Caramel
  • Roasted and packed in the Dominican Republic
  • Certifications: Kosher – Gluten Free 
  • Imported from the Dominican Republic


Induban Gourmet Coffee - Dominican Republic Arabica Coffee
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Is Dominican Republic Coffee Good

I had been unhappy with the quality of coffee supplied in other coffee-producing countries prior to visiting the Dominican Republic. The good stuff seemed to be always held for the export market.

The Dominican Republic breaking that mould was a pleasant surprise. The coffee here is surprisingly good, with a smooth, rich flavour. The most well-known and popular brand is all you need, which means you don’t have to spend additional money on premium brands to get a truly high-quality coffee. There are also some organic coffee brands that are slightly more expensive but of great quality.


Coffee Makers For Dominican Coffee


Greca is a stove-top coffee maker made of aluminium that is popular in Spanish, Italian, and French kitchens. “Café colado” coffee may be weaker than “greca” coffee, and I’ve heard it’s akin to cafetière coffee (French press).


The traditional Dominican coffee brewing method in the campo was using a colador, a filter like a miniature butterfly net that brews the coffee in hot water rather than the conventional “greca.”


How to Make Outstanding Dominican Coffee

Getting the perfect Dominican Coffee takes practice and a few secrets, just like everything else.

Once roasted, beans should be stored airtight or refrigerated to prevent oxidation, which is fatal. Just before brewing, grind the beans. Grinding increases the surface area exposed to oxygen enormously; ground beans will get stale in a matter of hours. It’s difficult to overstate how important this is. Even sealed or frozen beans will go bad in a few weeks.

The issue is that when coffee is ground, the surface area exposed to air rises dramatically (think of a loaf of bread against bread crumbs), thus you start at a disadvantage if you have more ground coffee than you will brew at the moment.

This is why, in many Dominican households, particularly in rural and small-town regions, coffee is purchased in “sobrecitos” – very small packets containing one serving.

However, if you prefer the convenience of pre-ground coffee, it is far better to keep it frozen. Freezing, like other foods, significantly reduces oxidation. After all, coffee is a baked vegetable product.


How to Make a Perfect Coffee in Greca

Great coffee is made up of three key components:

  • Coffee beans, freshly roasted.
  • Excellent water and clean equipment.
  • Water temperature that is appropriate

The greatest brew will be produced with freshly roasted beans that have been ground soon before brewing. Use a sufficient amount of coffee – at a minimum, 3+ oz (35 g) of beans to 64 oz (1.9 l) of water. Personalize to your liking.

To get adequate flavour extraction, the water should be just off-boiling. That is why the popular greca (“long espresso”) brewer used in the Dominican Republic is so good: it employs steam pressure to drive boiling water up the pipe and into the bed of ground beans.

Warning: Never, ever put milk in the greca. It not only damages the system, but it also blocks the pressure valve and may result in an explosion.

Coffee should be served in espresso cups with sugar to taste.

Coffee cup with milk and sugar


More Coffee Beans

Do you still have concerns about brewing Dominican coffee with the coffee beans covered in this article? Or are you just curious about which coffee beans are available?

I have your back! Check out the following lists to find great coffee beans for a variety of brewing methods and recipes:



The Dominican Republic provides some of the world’s best coffee. The country’s high-elevation, premium beans are rarely blended with inferior beans and are well-liked by the coffee-drinking population.

If you haven’t yet tried Caribbean coffee, Dominican Republic coffee is a great place to start.


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