Iced Spanish Latte: Make An Outstanding Latte In A Few Steps

 If you’ve ever had a Spanish latte, you already know how amazing they are. But, with summer approaching, what better way to cool off than with an iced Spanish latte?

Iced Spanish Latte Make An Outstanding Latte In A Few Steps

I’ll go over everything you need to know to prepare this delicious drink at home in this article. It’s a simple recipe that doesn’t require many ingredients.

Even though the recipe is simple, it makes for a pleasant drink on a warm summer day. I’ll explain how to create an iced Spanish latte at home and what items you’ll need below.

What is a Spanish Latte

The Spanish latte is an espresso-based milk beverage that combines espresso shots with ordinary and condensed milk. You can have it hot or iced, just like a regular latte.

If you’re familiar with the ingredients in a regular latte, you’ll notice that the condensed milk in a Spanish latte is the key difference between the two.

Instead of the flavored syrups commonly used in a latte, condensed milk is used as a sweetener in Spanish latte. This also means that Spanish Latte is milkier than a regular latte. Many coffee aficionados favor strong coffee with a hint of sweetness, hence Spanish lattes are popular.

The exact origins of the Spanish latte are unknown, but as the name suggests, it was invented in Spain. However, it is far from the only coffee that contains condensed milk. Condensed milk is also used in Vietnamese Coffee, Café Bombón, and Cafe Canario. 

The key distinction is that the Spanish latte is made with espresso rather than drip coffee. It also incorporates condensed milk and textured milk. As a result, it is considered a variant of other condensed milk drinks.

Some individuals believe that the Spanish latte is Café with Leche (Spanish for coffee with milk). They are, however, not the same. We asked the barista at our local coffee shop about the differences between the two. He explained that Café with Leche is made with equal parts espresso and scalded milk. 

To further confuse matters, he informed us that the Cuban latte contains sugar and, on occasion, evaporated milk. However, in terms of translation, ingredients, and flavor, they are all the same.

What is Iced Spanish Latte: 

An iced Spanish latte is a coffee beverage that is created with milk, espresso coffee, sugar syrup, or condensed milk. All of this is blended into a smooth drink and served with plenty of ice.

A Spanish latte is a terrific drink to make at any time of year, but while the ingredients are the same, I’ve added a few little tweaks to make this the perfect iced drink.

Let me explain the components and how you can change them to make this drink more customized.

Items Needed for an Iced Spanish Latte

For creating a Spanish latte at home, an espresso machine or stovetop espresso maker is ideal. You should also have a grinder for grinding fresh beans for the greatest shots. Then, depending on how strong you want your drink to be, pull a single or double shot of espresso.

Concentrated milk is made by removing around 60% of the water content and then adding sugar before canning. The sugar concentration ranges between 40% and 45%. The liquid has a rich, thick texture and a caramel color and is exceedingly sweet. As a result, it works well as a sweetener in many delicious coffee recipes.

You can use whole milk or dairy-free substitutes such as almond milk or oat milk. You can also add texture by using a milk frother to make steamed or foamed milk.

As previously stated, you may prepare either a hot or iced Spanish latte, so let’s take a look at recipes for both so you can enjoy this beautiful coffee at home.

Recipe of Iced Spanish Latte

You’ll need a few ingredients that you probably already have on hand to prepare an iced Spanish latte at home. I’ve put them here for your convenience:


  • Milk of your choice
  • Espresso
  • Condensed milk
  • Ice cubes (as many as you like)


As you can see, there are numerous alternatives available. When it comes to milk, I prefer whole milk for the most flavor. You can also substitute lower-fat dairy products such as 2% fat milk or nonfat milk.

While the hot version uses scalded milk, the iced version allows you to either cold foam your milk or add it to your drink without any preparation.

Cold foamed milk gives a texture to your coffee that you wouldn’t get otherwise. But this is all up to you.

The hot version has either condensed milk or white granulated sugar; to make an iced version, make a simple syrup instead of using raw sugar.

Simple syrup is simple to create and dissolves much more easily than raw sugar. Raw sugar is difficult to dissolve in cold drinks.

This coffee drink can be flavored with either condensed milk or simple syrup. You can follow the recipe and add condensed milk to your drink if you want to use it, which I recommend because it is the most delicious choice.

Let’s get started now that you know what things you’ll need to prepare this coffee:

  1. Begin making your espresso shots (or other coffee). Once brewed, add a few ice cubes to cool it down somewhat.
  2. If you want to cold froth your milk, this is the moment.
  3. Then, in a large glass, combine the condensed milk and simple syrup.
  4. Pour the somewhat cooled coffee over top and stir well.
  5. For an extra frosty touch, add a couple more ice cubes to the glass. I used about 8 ice cubes.
  6. Finally, pour the (cold foamed) milk on top to complete your iced Spanish latte.

If you’re using condensed milk, I recommend using a straw to swirl everything together for the most delicious drink.


You can make your espresso shots or other coffee ahead of time. Place it in the refrigerator overnight after brewing to create this dish in an instant.

If you prefer brewed coffee to espresso coffee, I recommend using 2 oz (60 ml) to equal the amount of espresso.

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This recipe turned out great, and I’ve been eating it while writing this essay.

I especially enjoy that you can personalize this dish any way you want by adding your favorite coffee, sugar, and milk.

There are so many different ways to create this great drink that I’m confident you’ll like it as much as I do. If you want to try another coffee recipe, make sure to check out the ones I’ve mentioned below.

Do you enjoy iced lattes? Please let me know by writing a comment below. If you have any additional coffee-related questions, please contact me personally by clicking the “Contact Me” tab at the top!

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