Piccolo Coffee: How to Make Piccolo Latte (Easy Recipe)

Piccolo coffee is a fun and wonderful way to start your day or relax after a long day. I’m sure you’ll be shocked if you try it.

But exactly what is a piccolo latte?

A piccolo latte is a coffee beverage created with espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. Because it is a smaller variant of the latte, the drink gets its name from the Italian word meaning “little.”

This drink has a deep, creamy flavor that you will find difficult to resist! Here are some directions for making this cocktail at home.

piccolo coffee

What is a Piccolo Coffee?

Piccolo means to ‘little’ in Italian, but this isn’t just a small latte.

The piccolo latte, or piccolo as it is frequently known on coffee menus, is a tiny milk beverage served in a 3-4 oz/85-114 ml glass. According to  Saša Šestić, owner of Ona Coffee and World Barista Champion 2015, it is “one part espresso and two parts steamed milk with a layer of smooth froth on top.” He specifies the quantities as “a shot of espresso, roughly 20-30 ml, with 40-60 ml of milk.”

The single espresso shot is topped with heated, extended milk, letting it combine with the coffee, and the drink is topped with a small amount of foam. This implies that the flavor

What is a Piccolo Coffee

How To Make Piccolo Coffee: The Recipe

Okay, so reading about Piccolo coffee peaked your attention, but you can’t seem to get it in your neighborhood coffee shop?

Don’t be worried. You can make one in the comfort of your own home.

What You’ll Need



    • Espresso maker or Moka pot (We’re using a Wacaco Minipresso)
    • Automatic milk frother (or alternative method)
    • Small glass or demitasse

    An espresso machine or portable espresso maker will produce the finest results. Alternatively, a stovetop Moka pot can be used. It won’t give you a full espresso shot, but it’s the best you can do without a dedicated machine.

    This recipe will make one piccolo latte. If you want to prepare enough to share, remember that one part espresso to two parts steamed, foamed milk is the ratio. As is always the case, grinding the coffee beans shortly before brewing yields the greatest flavor.

    Pull a shot of espresso

    If you have an espresso machine, make a ristretto shot with a 20-gram dose and a brew period of 18 to 22 seconds. If you’re using a portable espresso maker, use less water to get a more concentrated shot. Otherwise, use a Moka pot to make strong coffee.

    Steam and froth the milk

    Use a milk frother to steam and froth the milk if you have one. If not, heat milk over low heat on the stove and whisk it by hand, or microwave milk in a container and shake briskly to generate froth.

    How To Make Piccolo Coffee

    Combine and serve

    Pour the espresso into a small cup and slowly add the milk. If you like to practice your latte art, this glass may seem too small. However, if you angle the glass, you’ll have more surface area to play and create. That’s it! Serve and enjoy.

    Why is Piccolo Coffee Hard To Find?

    Have you ever seen a piccolo on a coffee shop menu? They may not be as popular as traditional cappuccinos and lattes.

    According to Keiran, one possible reason for the piccolo’s lack of popularity is “consumers’ confusion about what the drink is.” He believes that “many coffee shops would provide cortados instead of piccolos and vice versa.”

    The definitions of piccolos, cortados, and other milk drinks might be confusing, leaving customers confused about what to expect when they order. “I think consumers take comfort in sticking to the most frequent drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites,” Ceiran continues because these drinks are well-known and generally constant.

    According to Frederik Schitz of True Intent Coffee in Copenhagen, piccolos are rarely available on menus in Denmark. “If you served a piccolo to a Dane, they’d probably call it a cortado,” he says, explaining that the cortado is a more popular drink in Denmark’s major cities.

    Why is Piccolo Coffee Hard To Find

    Despite the confusion, a piccolo latte can still be seen in some places. Stevie Hutton, the owner of the 44 Poets coffee shop in the United Kingdom, has traveled widely around Asia and claims that it is “usually the only place I find piccolo latte on the menu everywhere.” Stevie theorizes that language plays a factor, with Asia “still following the Italian conceptions of cappuccino, latte, piccolo, etc. No flat whites and other culture beverages as a general rule.”

    The issue isn’t so much with the drink as it is with how few people know what it is and how to make it. The more people who try and enjoy the piccolo, the more likely it will become popular in coffee shops.

    Is Piccolo latte available at Starbucks?

    Piccolo coffee is not available at Starbucks. If you must have a Piccolo at Starbucks, ask for a short flat white as it is the closest option right now. Having said that, Piccolo latte is available on the menu in Australian Starbucks.

    Because Piccolos were invented in Sydney, it is only right that Starbucks in Australia provide them. I’m sure the coffee community will appreciate it if the rest of the world’s Starbucks follows suit.

    What Is the Cup Size of a Piccolo Coffee?

    Piccolo coffee is served in a glass that holds 3 to 4 ounces. Piccolo means “little” in Italian, and you will end up with a coffee that is just shy of 100ml. So a 4oz or 114ml cup or glass is the best choice for serving a piccolo.

    If you want to be fashionable, get a demitasse cup that can carry up to 90ml of coffee. Fill half of the cup with steamed milk and half with ristretto (20ml). Your Piccolo is now ready for service.

    How Many Shots are There in A Piccolo Latte?

    A Piccolo latte has a single Ristretto shot, which is around 15 to 20ml. The Ristretto shot used here is a more concentrated version of espresso with a richer coffee flavor.

    In terms of overall coffee flavor, a Piccolo provides a nice blast of coffee because it has less milk than a latte. You will consume less milk while receiving a strong caffeine boost.

    How Many Shots are There in A Piccolo Piccolo

    How Many Calories Does a Piccolo latte Have?

    A piccolo latte contains 45 calories on average. When compared to conventional lattes, the piccolo latte is a lighter drink, making it an excellent alternative for those watching their calories.

    If you’re a purist coffee drinker seeking an even more calorie-deficient drink, the macchiato is your best buddy, with only 18 to 20 calories.

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    So there you have it: my step-by-step approach to creating a piccolo latte at home. I hope you find it useful and will try this great coffee drink!

    Which do you prefer: a full-sized or a mini-sized latte?

    I enjoy both coffees equally. On a hectic morning, a smaller and stronger coffee is ideal.

    If you enjoy these kinds of dishes, take a look at some other espresso-based recipes that are equally simple to create!

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